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" I want my art to represent the power, beauty, strength, and struggle of the female form, and how it is such in integral part of this natural world. My inspiration comes from my friends, the adventures we have being in nature, and the stories we share that connect us to each other. I want to capture their inner resilience and fierceness with the soft grace of femininity. Art has always been a hobby, a therapy, and a way to express myself through this journey of life."

Born and raised in Tennessee, I have spent the last few decades exploring these landscapes and natural spaces of our beautiful state. My art aims to capture those different seasons of Tennessee, and the different seasons of life within us. I work from the photographs I capture from my time spent in nature and combine those colors and textures with portraits I take of my friends. The mediums I use range from watercolor, graphite, acrylic, charcoal, and anything I can blend and smudge together.  


I believe at our core we all want to feel accepted, seen, and valued. I believe in the power of creativity and storytelling to help bring us back to ourselves, to each other, and to humanity. I use art as a way to tell the stories of my personal experience, and the ones I am closest with. We each have a story to share and it’s so important to create that safe space to explore not only our external worlds, but our internal landscapes as well.

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