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Molly Steen

Born and raised in Middle Tennessee

" I want my art to represent the power, beauty, strength, and struggle of the female form, and how it is such in integral part of this natural world. My inspiration comes from my friends, the adventures we have being in nature, and the stories we share that connect us to each other. I want to capture their inner resilience and fierceness with the soft grace of femininity. Art has always been a hobby, a therapy, and a way to express myself through this journey of life."


Our world is changing faster than we can evolve. How do we relate to the organic, natural world we live in amidst the digital, globalized world we have created? Our minds are an exceptionally powerful tool that have enabled us to not only ask questions, but to find answers to the wonder and mystery surrounding our existence. What will we do with our powers of imagination, creation, reason, and understanding? Will we become more in tune with the world around us or will we tune into the world we have created? How will social mediums affect our perceptions and appreciation of actual human interaction and relationships? Are we breeding ignorance and apathy or are we striving for a greater sense of awareness and accomplishments? Personal achievements reflect individual talents and have opened many closed doors. Collectively, though, we can literally go to the moon and back. This earth has been given to us but this life is what we make of it.

What will you make of it?

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